Basanta Kumar Kar

18 January 2009 at 3:38 AM | Posted in News | 1 Comment

Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal interviewed Basanta Kumar Kar for the latest issue of the Houston Literary Review. Here is an excerpt:

“NKA: Why did you choose English as the medium of your poetic expression? Any special reasons for this choice?

BKK: I am a student of English literature apart from having degrees in Law and Management from a premier rural management institute. Hence writing in English comes easily to me. It is an international language and has large diverse readership. Moreover the overwhelming response from these diverse readers have reinforced and encouraged me to write in this language.

NKA: Have you also written something in your native language? Which mode of poetic expression do you prefer—native or alien? Please make an argument.

BKK: I have published poems in English language. Yes, I have plans to write in my mother tongue, Oriya. I am of the view that both the modes of poetic expression are important and that each one has its own uniqueness.”

Basanta Kumar Kar is a very interesting fellow. Like some other poets, he is heavily involved in development work, but unlike even those poets, he uses poetry to do development work. His latest collection of poems, The Unfold Pinnacle, has been well-received.


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  1. Mr. Basanta Kumar Kar’s poetic expression has always been felt by his colleges in his Development work. His compassionate development dealings comming down to the grassroot was at it’s best when he was in Chhattisgarh as the State Representative in CARE-India. I am fortunate enough to get his guidance and inspiration as a part of his Chhattisgarh CARE team. I wish him ‘All the Best’ for his third eye of a poet in Development….

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