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25 August 2009 at 4:21 AM | Posted in News | 2 Comments

Just a little something to show you where I am coming from. Here are some lines from my musical play Baler sa Puso Ko [Baler in My Heart], which opened last Aug. 12 in the Philippines. The play is all in Filipino, except for lines sung by the Spanish and the American characters. Examples:

From the opening scene introducing the characters:

Todos lahat magdiwang sa Baler, Baler
Porque ngayon ay fiesta de Baler, Baler
Kahit kailan, kahit saan, mula noon
Hanggang ngayon sikat el pueblo de Baler

From a scene much later when American soldiers arrive:

ANTERO AMATORIO [the leader of the Filipino soldiers]
Wat you sey wat you sey my Amerikeyno
Why you sey why you sey kami ay sa inyo

I can talk a little Tágalog brown brother
We bili na you mura mura brown brother

Wat you mean wat you mean tarantado kayo
Hindi kami mabibili kahit nino

Ang mga Espanyol because natatalo
Binayaran namin sila bargain you know

Weyt a minit weyt a minit we panalo
We not for seyl we not for seyl no no no no

What is this jerk talking about ignorant fool
We came to liberate this barbarian cesspool

These monkeys have no tails they speak real funny
They do not even know manifest destiny

(I apologize to those that do not understand Filipino.)



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  1. Ani:
    Thanks for this entry. It got me jolted from the inertia of a long break.

    Congratulations, my friend. This is what our people need at this time. Entertainment that would remind them of how much of his colonized past has vitiated his soul. As witneseed by Cory's demise, our people need heroes. They are all around our community — artists who work (recognized or not, awards or none) consistently on their art, teachers, doctors, OFWs, atbp. I include you among these heroes — you will not give up on the Filipino. Recuerdos.


  2. Congratulations on the play that dramatizes issues raised by this blog. Also thanks for the birthday wishes.

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